Advisor Team

Our MedVent group has two different types of Advisors. We have Medical Advisors and Scouting Advisors. Each with their respective responsibilities. All of our Advisors are trained in Standard First Aid as a minimum, but our Medical Advisors are all active Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, or other allied Healthcare Professionals. Each Advisor has valuable skills and assets that they bring to the table. Some are skilled in medical practices, while others are skilled in outdoor and survival skills. We value the various contributions each Advisor provides us. 

You can spot our Advisors wearing gold patches and navy blue with gold epaulettes on their uniforms.

Mark Symington, ACP

Group Commissioner

Mark is an Advanced Care Paramedic and Acting District Superintendent with Peel Regional Paramedic Services. When not racing around the streets in Peel Region, he is racing around the Mosport track as a member of their safety team, responding to all kinds of emergencies. Mark is a vital part of our team – using his years of experience to teach and mentor youth in the group. Mark is also a certified instructor with the Canadian Red Cross.

William (Billy) Pattison, PCP

Medical Advisor

William has been Primary Care Paramedic with Waterloo EMS since 2018 as well as a Logistics Technician with Peel Regional Paramedic Services since 2016. William was first introduced to the world of paramedicine through this very group and began his journey to become a Paramedic when he joined Peel MedVents as a venturer scout in 2012. William is the longest standing member of the group.  Through the groups mentorship he was able to graduate with honours from Oxford College in Burlington, Ontario in 2018. He also has experience working events throughout Ontario ranging from high school football games to the CN Tower stair climb. He’s even worked on TV sets as a medic for a reality TV show. William has been in scouting since cubs with the 3rd Streetsville pack and has years of outdoor experience. He has planned several trips through scouting and more in his off time with friends and family, applying his real world outdoor skills. Now that he’s an advisor he is eager to pass on his accumulated knowledge of medicine and the outdoors.

Vito Loiacono, MFR

Scouting Advisor

Vito regularly volunteers his time to Peel MedVents, 8th Brampton Scouts and other Scouting groups.  He is in charge of group logistics and ensures that our groups equipment is ready during our busy event season.  Vito is certified Medical First Responder, a member of the Gilwell society and a valued member of our team!

Reggie Gollop, WFA

Scouting Advisor

Reggie is one of our Scouting Advisors and helps us learn various survival and camping skills.  Reggie is an avid outdoorsman and is certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid Level III. When he is not volunteering his time with his home group, 7th Brampton, or helping us out he enjoys going camping, hiking, fishing, paddling, and many more outdoor activities. Reggie likes to educate others on the importance of outdoor survival skills and is eager to learn more about the wilderness side of first aid. He is a valued member of our team and we are glad to have his knowledge to support our program!